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A high purity chrome green oxide pigment with a subtle blue undertone.

AR Glass Fibers are designed specifically for use in concrete. Alkali Resistant (AR) Glass fibers are manufactured from a specially formulated glass composition with an optimum level of Zirconia (ZrO2) to be suitable for use in concrete.


Creates both a chemical and physical film between concrete and the mold, allowing for smooth release. Sold in 1 quart bottles.


Buddy Rhodes Satin Sealer is the latest in water based acrylic micro emulsion technology for concrete countertops. It creates a barrier coating that seals and protects while enhancing the natural beauty of the concrete.


ADVA 555 is used widely in the artisan GFRC world as the go-to plasticizer for SCC mixes. This water reducer can achieve a good flow, but includes a VMA in the formulation, which allows for more flow with less chance of segregation.


This plasticizer is designed to be especially effective with mixes that have a high content of finer sands and particles.


Buddy Rhodes Penetrating Sealer is an aqueous copolymer chemically reactive dispersion that provides a durable and transparent protective barrier against oil and water on concrete surfaces.


AR Glass Scrim is an oriented fiber fabric. Scrims are particularly used in conjunction with fiber reinforced mixes to provide additional tensile strengths in locations that will experience point specific strain.


FS Seals is hybrid reactive sealer with a micro acrylic emulsion, representing the most advanced sealing technology available. FS Seals provides additional acid and stain protection, will not peel or scratch.


Glazes are a water based coloring treatment for use on cured concrete. They achieve the desired appearance with nano-sized pigment particles that penetrate deeply into the concrete surface.


CH Prep is our premium reactive densifier and conditioner. CH Prep seals and densifies the micro-channels to improve the abrasion resistance of the concrete.


Clean & Set is the final step in the ICT sealing system. It accelerates the curing of ICT, and is also effective as a cleaner for concrete sealed with ICT. Clean & Set is a pure acetic acid, and should be diluted with 3 parts water, 1 part C&S.


This "Best Value Set" saves you when your buy the 5 most common GFRC Compaction Rollers as a complete set.


The GFRC Admixture is a polymer modified multi component admixture which provides strength and durability for GFRC mixes.


Buddy Rhodes Beeswax helps resist stains and enhances the color of concrete surfaces. The wax acts as a barrier to protect the sealer from abrasion and wear.


The GFRC Blended Mix is a carefully proportioned blend of cement, sand, pozzolans, curing polymer and performances additives designed to the highest performance standards.


Buddy Rhodes diamond impregnated hand polishing pads are made to polish and grind hard material such as concrete, glass and stone with ease.


Buddy Rhodes Reactive Polyurethane Sealer (RPS) is a hybrid sealer combining the benefits of both reactive sealing technology and a water borne urethane sealer.


This is the enhanced version of Buddy's original concrete countertop mix. It is an artisan concrete blend designed to exhibit clay like properties in the wet state.


Buddy Rhodes Reactive Polyurethane Sealer (RPS) is a hybrid sealer combining the benefits of both reactive sealing technology and a water borne urethane sealer.


Ten pounds of a specially formulated concrete mix that is ideal for artistic, sculptural, and craft projects. This mix has only fine sand as aggregate, allowing for casting thin sections.


Bone Paste Plus is a blend of cement, pozzolan, and polymer that is specially formulated for filling voids in artisan cast concrete. The paste doesn’t have any large particles, so it is soft and smooth, allowing it to easily fill holes and voids.


Acrylic Fiber AC50 is a concrete additive that enhances the performance and durability of concrete, adding years to its useful life.

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