Patching Mortar is designed to patch horizontal or vertical surfaces such as floors and walls.


WunderFixx Concrete Patching Compound is a durable, fast setting, one component concrete patching material formulated with a premium grade hydraulic cement, high performance polymers, and a finely ground aggregate.


Perma Patch VO is a single component, cement based, patching and repair mortar developed for vertical and overhead applications.


EUCO-SPEED RED LINE is a fast setting, cement-based concrete and masonry patching compound formulated for interior/exterior, vertical/overhead and horizontal repairs designed to achieve initial set in 8 to 10 minutes with final set within 20 minutes.


Made especially for use on walls to fill and finish minor imperfections to create a smooth and professional looking job to leave
as is or to paint.


Target Sacking Mix consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, fine aggregate and admixtures. The product is designed to develop high bond strength when applied to cast concrete surfaces. It is normally used at a flowable consistency.


Target Water Resistant Parging is used For Concrete block, Concrete & masonry walls or as a base coat for stucco.