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Can you cut Asphalt with a Diamond Blade?

It is possible to cut Asphalt with a Diamond Blade. The key is ensuring that you have purchased the proper Diamond Blade for the key job and using the following steps.

Before you start cutting, you will want to ensure that you have the proper blade for the job. Going to a store such as Unicon, our knowledgeable staff will be able to make sure we direct you to purchase the correct blade for the job. Once you have the right blade, you are good to go to start your project.

Step one: You will want to thoroughly sweep the area of any loose debris to ensure your safety while cutting.

Step two: You will want to clearly indicate where you want to cut, this can be done by marking the area with some chalk and a chalkline.

Step three: If you are cutting Asphalt, you will want to put your Diamond Blade in the saw the correct way. To make sure this is done correctly you will see the tail of the diamond and once the blade starts to spin it should be spinning from the head to the tail. A good way to remember is “the tail will always trail” to protect the Diamond Blade from getting damaged while cutting into Asphalt.

Step four: Turn on the saw at full speed and cut into the Asphalt. Remember to wear safety gear such as safety glasses, as debris and small rocks can start to fly.

Step five: Once you are done cutting the area you need to cut out, use a shovel to lift the chunks of Asphalt you intended to get rid of.