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Can you lay hardwood over Concrete?

Hardwood flooring is an excellent addition to any home. The mixture of natural and organic colours can take a space from cold and drab to warm and inviting. There might be a space in your home on the main floor or basement that may currently be a Concrete surface that you are still determining if you can cover in hardwood floors. In short, it is possible to put hardwood flooring over a Concrete surface. However, there are some things you will want to keep in mind.

For starters, if you are still hesitant, here are a few of the advantages that come along with installing hardwood flooring;

Warmth: Concrete floors are often very cold. Installing hardwood flooring over it can make the space feel much warmer.

Value: Hardwood flooring is durable and has an upscale look. Make it a worthwhile investment if you sell your home one day.

Aesthetics: Concrete flooring is dull and tends to bring down the energy of a space. Hardwood flooring makes a space much warmer, more inviting, and easier to combine with other style elements.

Now that you know some of the advantages of installing hardwood flooring in your home. There are a few additional things you will want to take into account;

Grade Level: This refers to the position of the concrete slab to the ground. The concrete slab can sit above ground level, which is known as "above grade," on the same level as the ground, known as "on grade," or below ground level, which is "below grade." Grade level is crucial to determine if hardwood flooring installation is possible.

Age of the Concrete: Hardwood flooring can only be placed on fully cured Concrete. Note that it takes about 28 days to cure Concrete fully. If you were to apply it to soon, you could run into some issues with moisture.

Amount of Moisture: If you are aware that your home is often damp, has a high humidity level, or does not have the best drainage, you will want to have that figured out before you start installing hardwood flooring.

Once you have all those issues taken care of, you can start the process of installing the hardwood over Concrete.

Remove any flooring material: If there is any other type of material covering the Concrete slab, you will want to remove it to have a clean slate for your hardwood floor.

Prepare the Concrete: Grind away any paint, glue, or finish previously adhered to the Concrete.

Install a barrier for moisture: You will want to install a moisture barrier to prevent any excess water from damaging your hardwood flooring. A great one on the market is made by Rustoleum and its called “Moisture stop”

Installing a subfloor: it’s a good idea to install a subfloor, this can help with comfort and warmth of the floor.

Install your Hardwood Flooring: Once all the prep work is done, you are good to install your desired Hardwood Flooring.

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