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Concrete Sealer Problems fixed!

Concrete Selar is a fantastic product to use for a variety of different projects involving Concrete. However, like most products, it can go bad, and if it has gone bad, it will not be as effective for the project you are working on. Here are some clear indications that the Concrete Selar has gone bad.

It is important to know the difference between whether your Concrete Sealer has gone bad or if something went wrong during the application process. For example, if you see bubbles or popped bubbles in your Sealer, that doesn't mean the Sealer has gone bad. It simply means that the Sealer was applied too heavily. The key to the Sealer working effectively is applying it thinly, applying more than one coat, and allowing proper drying time.

If you are seeing white spots appear in your Sealer, more commonly known as "Blushing, " it is due to moisture becoming trapped during your coating process, leading to these white spots you don't want. The key to avoiding this is waiting at least a day before applying any more Sealer.

Lastly, if your Sealer is fading, this is due to environmental reasons like high UV exposure. The key to preventing this from happening is buying a Sealer that is UV resistant.

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