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How do you remove paint from Concrete?

Nothing is worse than a paint stain on the Concrete surrounding your home. Removing fresh paint from Concrete is very easy. Cover the surface covered in paint with water and scrub it. When trying to remove dried paint from Concrete, things become trickier as Concrete readily absorbs paint. However, you are in luck! While it can be more difficult and time-consuming, there are ways to remove dried paint from Concrete. Learn about the products and steps you need to know to accomplish this task.

Step one) Do a deep clean of the stained area and allow it to dry.

First, you will need to clear the area of any dirt and debris. This will make the entire cleaning process easier. You'll then need warm water and soap mixed with trisodium phosphate (TSP) or an alternative and a scrubbing brush to scrub the surface. After scrubbing, you will need to leave the solution to dry for approximately two to three hours. After cleaning, you will notice that some paint will start to chip. If you can scrape off as much paint as possible, then apply a paint stripper to the rest of the area.

Step two) Apply a paint stripper also known as eco strip, this can be done by simply pouring in onto the painted area.

One of the best-proven ways of removing deep set-in paint from Concrete is using a paint or coating stripper. There is a variety of 100% biodegradable, VOC-compliant, coating soy strippers that contain no hazardous ingredients that are safe and effective for removing paint and various substrates from Concrete. A product we highly recommend using from Unicon is the Eco-Strip.

Step three) Give the Eco-strip time to set

After you applying the Eco-Strip, it will need plenty of time to sit. The amount of time you leave the Eco-stripper will be determined by how much paint has affected the area. This time can range from 30 minutes to eight or more hours. You'll want to keep the weather in mind as windy or very hot weather conditions may make the paint stripper permanently set, and then you will have another problem. You can check the progress with a scraper, just lift the ends up and you will be able to tell if it needs more time to set or not.

Step four) Rinse and scrub the area again if needed.

Once the paint stripper or Eco-strip has fully set and done its job, you will want to rinse and scrub the area with a power washer or garden hose. After this, you will be able to determine if you need to repeat the steps with another coating of paint strippers.

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