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How to Fix Hairline Cracks in Concrete & Replacing Rocks in Exposed Aggregates

Experiencing hairline cracks in your concrete? Don’t stress! There are ways these thin cracks can be fixed.

How to Fix and Repair Hairline Cracks in Exposed Aggregate 

If you notice some hairline cracks in decorative concrete, or exposed aggregates, we recommend that you use the Matchcrete Clear. This is a 2-component material. You will require a dual caulking gun to apply this material and depending on the size of cartridge you get will depend on what applicator you get. The crack will need to be clean and dry prior to applying the Matchcrete. 

While holding the cartridge in an upwards position, you will want to squeeze out all of the air that is inside of cartridge. Once the material is flowing, you can start applying it into the surface cracks.

Avoid pointing the cartridge in an upwards motion after the material has been dispensed, as this will cause small air bubbles and clog up the Matchcrete, which will start to crystalize. 

How to Repair Large Pieces of Exposed Aggregate 

For repairing spalls in exposed aggregates with a clear appearance, place up to a 1" clean, dry aggregate in the area you wish to repair, and then flood the area with the Matchcrete clear. You will want to spread this around with a trowel or putty knife. 

You can also flood the area first with Matchcrete clear, just be sure not to over-fill the spalled area. Fill it just below the finished area, and then you will need to add your aggregates. 

How to Glue Rocks Back Down in Exposed Aggregates 

Single Rocks in exposed aggregates can be glued down with a product called Quad Max it is a clear, single component that can be applied with a small caulking gun dispense a small amount in the area where the rock is missing. and stick the rock down in place. Keep in mind that this is not a crack filler, and just meant to replace a few rocks here and there. 

Products we recommend, available at (ALL WILL HAVE LINKS ATTACHED)

- Roadware Matchcrete Clear

- Bi-Axel Caulking Gun

- Roadware 50ML Application Tool

- Lepage Quad Max Clear Sealant 295ML

- Various Caulking Guns