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How to remove oil stains from Concrete

Removing oil stains from Concrete isn't a skill in everyone's cleaning toolbox. And no one wants an oil-stained driveway. However, cleaning oil stains from Concrete is not as daunting of a task as it may seem! We have some tips and tricks to remove those pesky oil stains from your driveway successfully.

One of the biggest keys to successfully removing an oil stain from Concrete is removing them as soon as you discover them. Concrete cleaning-specific products will be your best bet for removing oil stains. A product we recommend using is Uniclean. It is an excellent product for removing oil stains, whether they are old or new. You're probably wondering how to use this product. It's simple:

-Pour the product directly on the stain. 

-Agitate the mix 

- Leave it dry it to a white powder. 

-Come back to sweep it up with a broom. 

-This may potentially take several applications. 

-We always recommend using a concrete sealer to waterproof, dustproof and protect your Concrete from incidental stains.

Aside from cleaning products and home remedies, the best way to not have an oil-stained driveway is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are some ways to do that;

-Use an oil mat under your car to avoid leakage

-Seal your Concrete

-Clean up oil stains as soon as you notice them to prevent deep stains

-Watch your vehicle for leaks

-Make sure your car is serviced regularly

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