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How to tell if a Diamond Saw Blade is dull

Diamond Saw Blades must be reasonably sharp to function correctly. In this blog, we will go over recognizing if your Diamond Saw Blade is dull, what to do if that's the case, and how to prevent it from dulling to quickly.

The first indication that your Diamond Saw Blade is going dull is that you feel odd vibrations and hear thumping noises while you operate the saw. The second indication that it is dulling will be that the cutting speed is much slower than usual. And lastly, you will be able to see the steel core and the diamond segments are worn off completely.

Although dulling cannot be prevented, if a blade is used properly and for the correct application you can prolong the life of your diamond cutting blade. Here are a few simple tips on how you can prevent that from happening to quickly.

Different types of Diamond Blades work better for specific projects and materials. For example, some Diamond Blades are designed to cut more abrasive materials, and others are used for softer materials, which means if you are using the wrong type of Diamond Blade on the wrong material, this can cause it to be dull easily.

Another important thing to remember is that Diamond Blades can be specific to dry and wet applications if you are unsure if your Diamond Blade is for Dry or Wet applications, it should be specified on the packing that it came in, and sometimes its on the label that’s stuck right onto the blade.