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What is a Diamond Blade?

A Diamond Blade is a saw blade with Diamond fixed edges for cutting hard or abrasive materials. Diamond Blades are most commonly used for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete, granite, slate, bricks, marbles, glass, tiles, and pavers. Diamond Blades are an investment, so before you purchase, you'll want to read this blog to know everything you need.

For starters, Diamond Blades are made up of two parts: The steel core and the segment.

The steel core is usually a round flat metal disc to support the outer segments. The Diamond Blade can be attached using vacuum brazing, steering, or laser welding which is the most common.

The segment is made of two different components.

1) Diamond- The diamond's key characteristic allows for accurate cutting speed and blade life prediction.

2) Metal Bonds- Metal Bonds is a mixture of metal powders used in various combination to achieve wear rates.

Now, how do Diamond Blades work?

Diamond Blades don't cut, they grind. The exposed diamond crystals of the blade do all of the grinding. As the blade rotates through the material, it cuts through the exposed surface of the diamonds, grinding the material into a fine powder. Eventually, the diamond completely breaks up, and its fragments are swept away with the materials it is grinding.

It's important to understand that three different types of Diamond Blades perform various functions.

1) The Segmented Rim- This blade is most often used dry and rough applications such as concrete, brick, masonry/ block, reinforced concrete, and limestone. A Segmented Rim shouldn't be used on a surface such as a tile as it will leave an awful finish.

2) The Turbo Rim- The Turbo Rim blade is specifically used to cut faster in wet or dry applications. This particular blade cuts most effectively concrete, brick, and limestone materials.

3) The Continuous Rim- This blade is also often referred to as the "wet cut blade" the advantage of this particular blade using water is that it significantly cools down the blade allowing it for a longer blade life. These blades are best for cutting marble, granite, porcelain, and ceramic tiles.

Now that you know all about Diamond Blades, you are probably wondering where you can purchase them? We happen to have Diamond Blade combo packs available at all Unicon locations!

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