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What is Portland Cement?

Do you know what the primary ingredient in Concrete is?

The primary ingredient in Concrete is Portland Cement. Portland Cement consists of a mixture of finely ground powder mainly formed by calcium silicates and, to an extent, calcium aluminates. Concrete is formed when Portland cement creates a paste with water that binds with the sand and rock.

Portland Cement is commonly used for various construction projects as it is both versatile and high-quality.

It is essential to understand there are five different types of Portland Cement that all have different uses and physical characteristics.

1) The first Portland cement type is general-purpose cement. It is achieved by mixing plaster with Clinker and is mainly used in industrial and civil construction projects to build floors, structures, and houses. This type of Portland Cement appeals to high resistance and has a shorter tasking time.

2) The second type of Portland Cement is modified cement. This type of cement is most used in construction projects that require large amounts of Concrete and come into contact with water, for example, a dam, bridge, or concrete pipe. The highlight of this type of cement is it highly resistant to corrosion and degradation.

3) The third Portland cement type is known for its accelerated resistance. Because it is becoming resident at an accelerated rate, it is most used for emergency construction that needs to be tended to immediately.

4) The fourth type of Portland Cement is known best for its low heat of hydration and not requiring much initial residence. As a result, you'll see it most used for larger construction projects such as tunnels and dams.

5) The fifth and final type of Portland Cement is used in projects that require strong resistance to alkali and sulphate attack, such as pipes, slabs, sewers, and port infrastructures. To ensure strong residence, the amount of tricalcium aluminate is reduced as it can be vulnerable to sulphates.

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