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What is the difference between Concrete & Cement?

Concrete and Cement are relatively similar to one another. Some may even think they are the same thing. However, many things set them apart.

What is Concrete:

Concrete is a mixture of Cement, sand and gravel. It is also one of the most commonly used construction materials used globally in residential and commercial construction.

Concrete has been proven to be more durable and last longer than Cement. As a result, Concrete is often used in larger construction projects such as building schools, bridges, and sidewalks because it is such a long-lasting and stronger material compared to Cement.

What is Cement:

Cement is a binding agent made from a mixture of iron, aluminum, silicon, calcium, and other substances found in limestone, shells, chalk, iron, and silica. Once these ingredients are heated and ground together, Cement is actually a key ingredient used to make Concrete, together they make a strong and very durable product.

While Concrete is one of the strongest materials, Cement is known as one of the weakest materials, which is why it is often not used on its own.

For this same reason, Cement is typically not used on its own and only as a binder when making concrete or Mortar. Somethings as grouting, specialized masonry, and repairing cracked or crumbling Concrete, are some examples of what you can use just cement for.