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What tools do I need to cut a cement board?

Cement is a dense material. Therefore, you will need to use specific tools and techniques to ensure that you are correctly cutting your cement board. This blog will list some of the best products to use for cutting cement boards that will get you the best results.

Protective eyewear is a non-negotiable tool for cutting cement boards, as many are filled with fibreglass that would be extremely painful to fly into your eye.

The first product we recommend using is a carbide-tipped scoring tool. This tool is the most straightforward for cutting fibre cement boards, is lightweight, economical, causes minimal dust to build up, and is not overly pricy. The downfall of this product is it wouldn't be the best product to use for larger cement board cutting projects and is not the best with curved or circular cuts.

The following product we recommend using is a circular saw with a diamond-tipped blade. This product comes with many benefits, such as its being the best tool for achieving quick, efficient, and versatile cuts, it's lightweight and reasonably easy to use, they tend to be priced relatively reasonably and have a single beam laser guide. However, the downside of this product is it tends to build up a lot of silica dust, and the depth adjuster can be difficult to lock in place.

If the circular saw isn't for you, you can opt to use A jigsaw. A Jigsaw creates little to no dust build-up and can be used to score your cement board and cut through the mesh, saving you both time and money. Another benefit of a Jigsaw is that its blades are easily changeable. However, if you are trying to cut your cement board cut in a fairly quick manner, a Jigsaw may not be the best tool to use as the cuts on a jigsaw are a lot slower in comparison to a circular saw, and the teeth of a Jigsaw can wear down fairly quick with the finished cut not being as pleasing to the eye.

The project's scope will determine which product you choose to cut your cement board. Another option is stopping by one of our locations and having one of our highly knowledgeable team members help you select the correct tool to cut your cement board.