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When to cut Concrete after pouring?

When is the best time to cut Concrete after pouring it? What blade and saw should I be using to cut my concrete?

Depending on the saw and blade you are using will depend on how soon you are able to cut. You definitely want to wait to do it, if you are not using a Soff-cut saw. If you cut Concrete too soon you risk spoiling it. While cutting too late can lead to Concrete's inability to fulfil its purpose. When using a regular conventional cutting saw, its typically recommended that cutting Concrete should happen within the first six to eighteen hours of being poured and never beyond the first 24 hours of being poured. Remember to be using a concrete blade that is suitable for cutting green concrete.

Concrete needs time to cure. Cutting too early without the proper equipment can cause the Concrete to be weak and ineffective for its purpose. While cutting too late can cause even more issues, such as unwanted cracks and making control joints ineffective. Which you don't want as control joints can be very important.

Control joints are planned cracks that allow movement caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage. It basically allows you to decide if a crack appears you are deciding where it will occur. If you plan to cut control joints, it should be done within six to twelve hours after finishing the Concrete. Control joints should be spaced eight to twelve feet apart and cut into a diamond pattern. Grooving tools are the most commonly used tool for cutting control joints. However, any entry lightweight saw can be used to achieve the same results. Just remember to consult your concrete specialists at Unicon Concrete so you have the correct blade for your job!

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